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  1. ram75 added a post in a topic: 95 4Runner build   

    So here is an update. I have barely touched the 4Runner since injuring myself. The lip on the other hand looks great considering the severity of it. The only time you can tell there is a scar is when I trim down the facial hair. I'm still shooting for the end of summer as my completion date. All I have to do is to build the front axle brackets spring perches and link arms, engine/trans/transfer case install and a little wiring and It'll be ready. OMG I have so much to do!!!! LOL, spelling it out makes it sound like a lot.
  2. ram75 added a post in a topic: Garden season is back   

    Have a couple of potted tomatoes, jalapeno, habanero and some zucchini in a garden box. Haven't had much success with a garden since we've been in this house.
  3. ram75 added a post in a topic: 95 4Runner build   

    Thanks Del. The teeth hurt like hell for nearly a month afterward, couldn't breathe out of my nose because of all the swelling. Blade went through the lip into the gums just above the roots of my teeth. I got lucky in many ways on this one. Hate to think of what may have happened had it hit 5 inches lower.

    The Ramrunner is coming along, that's what I'm calling it till I can think of something else. I started building the lower radius arms for the front axle this weekend. I'm right at about 109 inches. I think this will get the front tire away from the firewall enough that I will have to do little to no cutting. A lot of cutting is happening on the front of the fender. 38" of tire is a lot to squeeze into this body Not sure what I would've done if I could've afforded your tires, LOL
  4. ram75 added a post in a topic: 95 4Runner build   

    So I had a small set back.

    Not going to lie, when an angle grinder hits your lip it hurts like hell.

    So a month later......

    I got the front axle set under the 4Runner. I still need to install springs and junk but it is going to start coming along pretty quick again I hope. I need to raise the hole rig at least 4 inches from what I had planned originally and move the front axle forward about six inches. Had made a pretty good amount of progress, in the short amount of time I had it, before the grinder accident.
  5. ram75 added a post in a topic: NEED SOME HELP.....   

    I think things were ok before. the 4x4 sites need to be cross sponsoring and work together. There seems to be a rift between them and I for one find it awkward. I enjoy the people on both sites and wont be sticking to one. I will help where ever I am needed, just let me know.
  6. ram75 added a post in a topic: 95 4Runner build   

    I'm hoping for the end of summer or sooner. I'm trying to designate at least 6 hours a week towards the project. Will your engine puller be available in a couple weeks for a few days of use. Promise not to store it so long for you this time.

    Removed all of the IFS stuff Saturday, need to cut off brackets and prep it for new suspension. Thinking I am going to link it. Just not sure how yet.

    Yeah, the tires are a little bigger. 38's wish I could afford Dels and really go big.
  7. ram75 added a post in a topic: 95 4Runner build   

    Thanks Even.

    A little more progress today. Got the rear axle most of the way in. Just need to button up a few things then jump to the front axle.

  8. ram75 added a post in a topic: NEED SOME HELP.....   

    What do you need?
  9. ram75 added a post in a topic: 95 4Runner build   

    I sold my jeep and my ram truck. Life happened and the payments were no longer viable. Starting over sucks but I think this is going to be a great build.

    Sorry to here that Del, I consider you a friend even if I dont get to come around.
  10. ram75 added a post in a topic: 95 4Runner build   

    Hey everyone. I'm coming back to offroading. After a brief break of not wanting to be part of a community that doesnt respect it's individual members and after talking to a few poeple about my concerns I have been assured that any controbution is appreciated. So, to that one person who made me feel like $h!t that I dont do enough this is for you. F.O.

    This is the new rig. I scrapped the Ramcharger. Started a Bronco ll project and scrapped that too. I will be sliding the 5.2L, trans and axle from the Ramcharger into the 4Runner.

    If any one has a heads up on problems with the V8 swap or solid axle (non abs) swap let me know. I need all the help I can get. Wish me luck.

  11. ram75 added a post in a topic: New Gear For Kozmo   

    Still going to add a hoop over the winch. Thanks on the adviser on that line for the winch. Robert you gotta wheel it to be able to be pulled up something. Rear bumper is on paper as are rocker protection/rock sliders. Julie don't worry, a few more rocks and that bumper you have will be perfect. ~
  12. ram75 added a post in a topic: WOTR   

    Where are we at on tail gunners?
  13. ram75 added a post in a topic: December Expo Run   

    So with only a few days left in December and 2013 when is this run happening and where? Is it going to be Barracks? Might be interested, depending on the location and time.
  14. ram75 added a post in a topic: WOTR   

    I can tail gun west rim if I don't lead it that day. Only volunteering one day this year.
  15. ram75 added a post in a topic: WOTR   

    I'll lead one day West rim.